Tom Grossi. Icon, legend, allergic to milk. What else could be said about this man? While at college, Tom joined an Improv Comedy group, and instantly fell in love with all things Improv, eventually running the group as president in his Senior year. After obtaining a Master's Degree in Education, he decided that he was finally in enough debt to start a stable career as a stand-up comedian. Utilizing his Improv skills, Tom has found early success, winning NOMA's Comedy Contest, and performing at some of the biggest comedy clubs in New York, such as Stand Up NY, Levity Live, and Caroline's.

He's also been featured on Good Morning America, Rollingstone.com, and Buzzfeed for his Game Of Thrones reaction videos. Tom is also the creator of 'Packast', a weekly NFL podcast. In 2016 Tom began a weekly webseries called 'Game of Toms' because he thought that name was super clever. Because it's about Game of Thrones, and his name is Tom... You get the idea. 

 You can catch him performing all around Westchester, NYC, and each week ranting and raving about the Green Bay Packers. Well, this is the end of the bio. Why are you still reading? It's over. Go explore the site. You're still here? I mean I guess that's OK, but I'm leaving. 

“ You can fail at something you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love.”
— Jim Carrey